Diamondback Bicycles Men's Insight 2

Is the 22 actually a “medium” size bike or a Large / XL?

Same question. It says 22/M. Isnt that XL?

The drop down has been fixed. Sorry about that.

Can anyone translate these bike “sizes” for a newbie? I’m 5’10, which is right for me?

I talked with our buyer.

“He would be most comfortable on a Large size, but an extra large would still suffice.”

Will buyer be assembling this or comes pre assembled. How long is the estimate time, if assembly is required?

There will be some assembly required like attaching handlebars and tires.

To confirm, the 20" inch is the large bike? So if I buy the “20” from Woot, it will be the large, not the medium.

Correct. The drop down has been updated.

Buyers beware. This seller isn’t unethical, but they’re sloppy. You can see how many times they’ve had to update the dropdown menu. Here’s my specific complaint: I bought a medium Insight 2 on Nov. 25. Then on Dec. 1 I received a refund with no explanation. It just seems that they weren’t on top of their inventory and allowed a sale to go through when they weren’t able to make good on it. This is my first experience shopping on Woot and it hasn’t been a positive one.

Be aware they just over booked the orders and cancelled mine without any explaination.
Very bad experience, this was my first purchase on woot and probably the last one.