Diamondback Bikes Of All Types

To all fellow Woot customers. I placed a $95 item into my cart only to have Woot change the price to over $500 before I could check out. Has anyone else here had a similar experience? Has anyone else here tried to contact customer service only to be patronized and ignored? If so, please contact me. I am in touch with a mass torte attorney and will try to assist you in resolving matters.

Very truly yours,

Mitch C.
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I guess woot.com’s target market is a little bit older than it once was… Rolexes and Road bikes… Wow. I wish I had that kind of money.

I hear that. I miss the days of really good deals and things I could buy on a whim.

Specs listed for the Mason Comp doesn’t match the pictures. Looks like it’s the specs from the Mason Pro.

the podium 6 list it as having campy components, but the pix are shitmano. which one does it come with?

These MSRPs are not accurate:


Woot is selling it for 50 dollars overs MSRP.

It is also last year’s model. It is actually cheaper to buy it direct from the manufacturer.

A couple thousand for a bike? Must be nice

makes sense…Amazon has been doing this for years

At least be accurate if you’re going to complain about pricing. The Mason FS to which you link is being sold here for $2,725. Not sure how that’s $50 over the $3,500 list price.

I assume you’re looking at the Mason FS Pro, selling here for $3,555 with an MSRP of $6,000.

And just because the 2015 model is cheaper, that doesn’t mean it’s a better deal. It’s entirely possible they are using cheaper components on the 2015… and bikes don’t go bad sitting “on the shelf”.

ordered Sunday, arrived today!