Diamondback Calico ST

I’m 4’11", or 59", so an extra small bike wouldn’t even be fitting according to those sizings. Any bike experts out there have some insight?

For this model, you might be able to eek it on an XS frame (which isn’t offered here), though it will be dependent on your torso vs. legs length. The issues are the standover height (distance between top bar and ground) and the reach (between seat and handlebars). The top bar must be able to fully clear your inseam to ride safely; reach can be accommodated for with an adjusted or different saddle (seat) and/or handlebar and/or stem – but that can cost much more $$ than just getting a bike that’s better sized.

So IMHO, maybe look towards some of the offerings from DiamondBack’s sister company, Raleigh? Some of their models (like the Eva 2) are offered in a 13" frame, 5’ to 5’3. If the standover height is fine (verify this yourself), that inch difference is probably okay.

[Note: I’m not Woot staff, so these comments are that of my own. I did do a good bit of research before I restarted riding, however.]