Diamondback Clarity 2 Hybrid Bike

The $600 retail price is BS. On the Diamondback webpage it is listed for $349, so this is not 57% off, that is a lie, it is only about $100 off.
That being said, it is a pretty good bike. Only real complaint is that the shifter adjustment for the gears is a bit off, a bit noisy in some gears as if the chain isn’t lined up exactly over the sprocket.

I also think the Clarity 2 looks like a great bike, and I like the stuff Diamondback has done in the past.
Only thing: selling a women’s specific bike, only in sizes for taller than average women (or average sized men, still bikes well).

Just made this my first woot! purchase. I had bought a bike a Scheel’s for $500. It’s a great bike, of course, but I shouldn’t have spent that much! Went on amazon and found this bike; googled it and found cheaper here on Woot! I hope it’s a decent bike. Feels like it was meant to be lol.