Diamondback Edgewood Hybrid Bike

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Diamondback Edgewood Hybrid Bike
Price: $249.99
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What’s the weight of small size bike?

I bought this bike 2 years ago (for about $100 more locally) to commute to work on. I’ve been happy with it. The seat is very comfortable as are the grips. The more upright riding position really helps with that. Only issue I have is currently the pedal mechanism is making a clunking sound from inside where the pedals connect to the frame. Not sure how to repair that.

For size, I’m 6’3" (33" inseam) and bought the XL.

This is a nice price on a good bike.

Is the bike assembled? Is there an extra charge for assembling? If so, what is thr cost?

comes partially assembled. if you can’t do final assembly you need to pay a bike shop to finalize assembly. expect to pay about $75. Which is why this is not a good deal if you have to pay someone else to assemble it for you.

sounds like you need a new bottom bracket. figure $30 for the BB and another $20 in labor. Bb are wear items that need periodic replacement.

I am sure it is a good entry level bicycle, but it is the same price at Costco so I am not sure what all the fuss is about.

I’m interested in an entry level bike. If I’m 6"1, what size do I get?

Weird question so my apologies up front. I’ve heard that some bicycle seats can cause erectile dysfunction in men. Pressure on the pudendal artery while riding causes or contributes to nerve injury that causes the condition. There are seats that are designed to reduce this type of injury. Does this bike h8ave a seat with the safer, newer design or does it have the traditional seat?

I typically buy a 19 or 20 inch frame and I am just a hair under 6’1". My 20.5 Marin Mountain bike is a hair too big. My 19" Marin Hybrid is about right. You never really know until you get on.

Your bottom bracket may be loose. Take it in and have it checked. Depending upon mileage it could also just need a new chain or front derailleur adjustment.

I hope this is a serious question. This is a standard type seat, but cushioned. I have been riding a bike for over 50 years and have no trouble getting it up. You have to ride many, many thousands of miles on a hard racing seat to potentially develop a problem. This is a an around town commuting bike, so you should be good.

Thanks. Online information is a little confusing and very contradictory.

If you’re paying $75 for installation, then you’re getting ripped off!!! Installation should be half that cost at a bike shop but do NOT go to Dick’s Sporting Goods to have it put together as they do a terrible job. This is a good bike at a great price but assembly does not cost $75.


You need to rebuild the lower-bracket. It’s the cylindrical drum the peddles are attached to at the bottom of the frame. Basically some rings with bearings and lots of grease. A bike shop can do it for $30

oh. Now I see many others have left the same comment!! Good day…

I am 6’4" 300lb Will the work for me?