Diamondback Lux 27.5 Sport Wmns Mt. Bike

Diamondback Lux 27.5 Sport Wmns Mt. Bike

Picked up one for my wife last month. It seems like a really great bike for the money, though we haven’t ridden yet here in the frozen north. Assembly was easy and there was virtually no damage (a few scuffs on the cranks, I think). I did have to loosen the brake caliper mount screws and adjust them laterally to eliminate chafing against the disks while in motion.

The hydraulic brakes are phenomenal. I can tell just fiddling around in the basement that they’re smooth, powerful, and easy. The shifting components seem decent, being familiar with those on mid-level Cannondale, Specialized and Felt bikes.

The fork is sticking after I tried out the lockout switch, but I suspect it’ll loosen up with some miles.

One disappointment was that the wheels have a decal wrap instead of being anodized aluminum, as I had expected. It cheapens the look a bit, but not terribly.

Seriously considering a second one for my 12 year old daughter.

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