Diamondback Men's 2018 Yellow Atroz

Diamondback Bikes for Him and Her

Bicycle came in a good condition box with handles, you have to put on the handlebars, front wheel, seat and pedals and adjust everything. The shifters were pre-adjusted and seem to work well so far. The brakes are not pre-adjusted and need to be set out of the box, packaging was good and everything in the box was nice.

The negatives so far: The front brake rotor is not straight, so I have to leave the brakes pretty loose for them not to rub on both sides of the rotor, and the rear rim is not true, it is at least 3mm off from true out of the box.

The gearsets this come with work well, shifting is clean and smooth and for the price, I am still happy with the purchase.

Diamondback makes three versions of this bike, this is the lowest end option, followed by the Atroz 2 and Atroz 3 (They dropped the Comp name it seems)

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