Diamondback Overdrive 27.5" Mountain Bike

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Diamondback Overdrive 27.5" Mountain Bike
Price: $299.99
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Condition: New


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Decent bike, but the price sucks. If you factor in the cost of getting the bike built and one years worth of service, which is included if you buy from a bike shop, this is no bargain. You are better off finding a good local bike shop and buying a bike from them.

I’m looking at this bike. No reviews I can find online. Youtube has several reviews of similar bikes by the same brand. The assembly looks pretty easy. Not sure what service you’d need in the first year anyways. THis is an entry level bike for most people it’ll just need adjustments every few years and they can probably be done by the owner.

I bought the bike the last sale just a few weeks ago. It was easy to put together. Just the pedals, front wheel, handlebars, seat. Most of it is 6th grade stuff although the brake adjustment was slightly more tricky, but I’m sure you got a brain. They include instructions and hex tools. No reason to pay a bike store. I’m very pleased with the buy.
Of note if you adjust the brake cables but have some rubbing from the disc, you might have to adjust that disc slightly, but you can do it. Make sure you tighten the handlebars good and tight. There are 3 reviews on Amazon.

A bike store is going to do the initial assembly, which isn’t hard. They are going to fit the bike to you, which actually takes some skill. Then after a few weeks to a few months of riding and stretching cables, the bike store will tighten all of that back up making your shifting crisp again and your braking more secure. Can you get this bike out of a box and on the road? Yes. Can you keep it running well without a bike shop? That’s your call, but I find my local bike store to be far more convenient than me doing that sort of fitting and tightening work along with regular tune ups over time. It would be fun to learn it, but for me, that’s just not currently realistic.

@miltoda & @SDBoy,
I actually work in a bike shop. I build brand new bikes from major names all the time. And I’ve had to deal with numerous issues. First,bikes can easily be damaged by shipping. Wheels can get knocked out of true,derailleur hangers can be bent or broken,and forks can get bent. You all ever fix these issues? I use specialized tools to do it right. Next,sometimes bikes aren’t put together or built right. I’ve had numerous frames that were crooked or spaced improperly,misrouted/damaged cables,brake mounts that needed facing,and bottom brackets that were misthreaded. In a few cases,the bikes were bad enough that they had to be returned under warranty. Finally,the manufacturers never proper grease everything they should. This not only causes some things to wear out prematurely,but also makes it hard to impossible to remove things when they do wear out or break.

A decent bike shop will not only set the bike up properly for you,but will also prevent future issues from occurring. Unless you’re a decent bike mechanic on your own,you’d do well to have your bike built by a shop. Otherwise,don’t be surprised a year from now when you take the bike in for something minor and find out it’ll cost more than the bike is worth to fix it properly.

Oh please this is not the space shuttle. If you’re some yuppie that has to have someone do everything for you then don’t buy a bike on Woot. Otherwise spend an hour and enjoy your new bike or exchange a favor with a gear head.

How much does the bike weigh?

30 lbs approximately