Diamondback Overdrive ST

Anyone know if the front forks locks out?

They come with the Suntour XCT 80mm adjustable forks. The locking option feature is not standard on this bike.

The description says 100mm of travel, just FYI.

I bought this bike from Woot back in March and it really is a great deal. If you are looking to get into the trail riding scene, you can’t go wrong with this as your first bike. Couple of my buddies bought hardtails that were double the price and they have had more issues with them than I have. I recently went all in and upgraded to a full suspension Diamondback because I 100% trust this brand. Great value bike!

Ok thanks!

I got back into biking last month (for exercise); the previous time I rode was when Bush was in office – and I don’t mean Jr.

This one ticks all the boxes for an excellent starter mountain bike:

  • Sizing is a plus. Everybody’s body is different, so the usual “big box store” offerings that “one size” doesn’t work well for everyone.
  • Speaking of big box bikes, note the weight here versus the bikes there. Remember, the $399 carbon fiber MTB at WM still weighs at over 31 pounds.
  • Take a look at the components list. These not bottom-of-the-barrel components without names and questionable durability.
  • I can confirm no lockout on the fork.

(If I didn’t get a sister model to this already, I’d be buying this.)

I posted in another bike thread, but this one seems more active so I’ll paste here. I’m a 59" female, so according to the sizing, even the extra small bike wouldn’t fit correctly. Any bike experts with insight?

I bought this from here two years ago when it was $369. I am very happy with it and would buy again. Assembly was super easy. I think it took 10-15 min. Good deal!