Diamondback Response XE 26" Mountain Bike

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Diamondback Response XE 26" Mountain Bike
Price: $259.99
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Shipping Estimates: Ships in 1-2 business days (Monday, Mar 09 to Tuesday, Mar 10) + transit
Condition: New


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Comments from a previous sale

I don’t need another mountain bike, but I would probably pay for a MP3 of the ballad…

I’ve been wanting to get a bike this spring and had been looking at hybrids (Specialized Crosstrail, Raleigh Misceo).

I’ll be riding mostly on (crappy) city streets with the occasional trail and strictly for pleasure and jaunts to the store. As I’m a bigger guy I want a bike that feels sturdy (i.e. not a road bike).

It seems to me this deal is pretty good but I’m wondering if the bike is any good and whether it’d be good for my purposes.

I have this bike and the frame is very sturdy. Make sure you size the bike frame to your body frame and it sounds like this is a good choice for you. It has entry level equipment but will be fine for your use case. Some like the 29" version better but they are closer to $500. This unit ships well packed and is easy to assemble.

I would not get a Diamondback bike for any amount of money. I’d give you the rundown on my horror story at Dick’s Sporting Goods involving me and a Diamondback mountain bike,but it’d take too long. Let’s just say that it ended after the bikes 11th trip to the store for major problems and them refusing to give me my money back. So I threw the bike at the manager and walked out.

Why does the headline say 26 inch mountain bike when the choices only go to 22 inch?

26" refers to the wheel size. The choices 16"-22" refer to the frame size.

Question on frame size at 5"8" and 190 which frame size would be a good fit? thanks

For urban riding this bike is not that great. Depends on how much you want to spend, but you might look at a cyclocross or gravel bike. Those are heavy duty road bikes that are designed to handle off-road terrain. This bike is designed only for off-road. Plenty of people ride mountain bikes on roads, of course, but there are much better options.

Hard to say without knowing the specifics, but for the most part the only thing “Diamondback” on this bike is the frame. Everything else is made by other companies. Shimano makes the drivetrain on this bike, someone else makes the rims, someone else the tires, etc. If you had a bad experience, it was likely due to one of those third party parts, or more likely due to an amateur build at the store. It’s pretty unlikely it was due to the name on the frame.

I’m The same size, and I’d go with the 18" if I were buying this bike.

You’re going to want the 18" medium. Enjoy!

This bike would work just fine. Put some semi-slicks on it and you’d be good to go!

For those newer into mountain bikes this is referred to often as a hardtail bike, this means there is a shock in the front but not in the back. This is also a 26’’ tire bike which is an easy tire size to find, a lot of folks ride the 29’’ which is better for bigger people and rolling over obstacles on the trail if you get serious.

This bike would be good for trail riding and riding on the road, really the only thing you need to do is change the tire pressure. For reference I run 28psi on the trails and 50psi on the road ~ 195lbs. Also when on the road typically you lock out the front shock to make it stiff like a road bike. I often ride 10 miles on my mountain bike on the road when the trails are too muddy and it’s really not bad at all, I am not keeping up with road bikes but that’s not my goal.

Diamondback bikes are typically a pretty good bang for the buck from my limited experience but often times are not put together correctly causing rubbing on the brakes or the derailleurs (part that switches the gears). I’d highly recommend taking it to a local bike shop (not a dick’s etc) and just paying them the $40 to put it together, or alternatively put it together yourself and have them tune it for cheaper.

Thank you for this post…btw can the forks be locked on this particular model…i read somewhere only the 2014 version. Wonder which version this is

Just looking around the internet (and not being a biking person), it seems that most mountain bikes are 29 and 27.5 inches.

Are these wheels too small?

This is a 2014 model.