Diamondback Women's 2018 Lux 27.5 SPT

Diamondback Women's 2018 Lux 27.5 SPT

Pulled the trigger on one for my wife or 12 year old daughter. Not sure which yet. :slight_smile:

I’ve been considering these bikes for a few months now. My daughter needs an upgrade from her 24" bike. I normally buy mid-level bikes from Trek, Specialized, and similar brands used on CL, but they’re very rare in this size and with disk brakes. Hydraulic brakes at this price point should be nice, too. I’m guessing that the other components are comparable with the HotRock, et al.

The obvious weakness with this and most similar bikes is the fork. No (or minimal) adjustability and seals that’ll likely be seeping in a year or two. We’ll see how it goes.


Hydraulic is much easier to modulate. I’ve dropped some $$$ upgrading one of my bikes from cable to hydraulic, so at this price point (with 180/160), it’s a steal.

The XCR this comes with is a step up from the XCT offered in a couple of the other models here today, as it’s hydraulically dampened. Both are huge steps up from the “suspension” forks on the typical big-box bikes.

(At least more manufacturers are calling them mountain-style bikes now as opposed to mountain bikes; many of those were really not capable of holding up to the demands of an actual trail.)

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