Diamonds: "Dancing" But Not Dirty

Made in India, are these worth the money?

The specs tell us about the pendants themselves, but what are the chains/necklaces made from? They should be the same as the pendant, but can’t assume anything.

From the Manufacturer:

These are very nice quality and you will not see any inclusions of the diamonds. While most diamond in this quality you may see some of the flaw with the naked eye, the cutting and luster is of the finest, thus making it hard to see the inclusions. Regardless of what others say, the CUT of the diamond is the most important.

As for the chain - the chain is the same metal as the pendant. There are a couple pendants in Sterling Silver and these come with an 18" Italian Box Chain (The chain is stamped with Italy). The remaining pendants are in 10k Gold and the chains are also 10k Box Chain and 18" in length.

Thank you.

One more comment with regards to the design:

The “dancing” diamond is a revolutionary patented mechanism allowing the center diamond to continuously move to create a constant movement and sparkle.

The center diamond is suspended from two fine points and is designed so that the diamond does not touch the body, but continually moves in a vibrating fashion.

Check out this short 20 second video:

From the manuf:

Correction of one item. The Double Heart Pendants is White Gold and Rose Gold.

The title incorrectly states White Gold and Yellow Gold.

Request has been made to be fixed.

2 things:

  1. the descriptions say they are all 18k pieces which stated above say they are all 10k.

  2. these are G-H color, nice color, sold by 70% of the jewelry stores nationwide (if this G-H color is an ACTUAL G-H color) but the clarity is I1-I2 and with that being said, you will 100% be able to see inclusions to the naked eye, REGARDLESS if its an excellent cut diamond.

Very nice price however, but you know how that goes, you get what you pay for.