Dick Tracy® WristNet™ Watch by Fossil® Model FX3002


AGH watches went out of style the day i started looking at a monitor for 95% of my day!


why so much…




WOW :twisted:


First page? WOOT


man i miss out on the bag of crap and those speakers

and i dont’ even know what this watch does


Why no woot-off, and why this crap when I actually stay up!!!

:evil: :evil: :evil: :evil: :x :x


damn, I was all set for a woot off


I have three Battery packs if you would like them.
$10 per brick and $5.00 to ship one or all three, just like WOOT!
I received them in my last order when I ordered the vector warmer/cooler.
I have no need for the Carge It power brick and it isn’t worth putting up on eBay. Contact me at thejohnnyv@hotmail.com.



  1. woot

Woot originated as a hacker term for root (or administrative) access to a computer. However, with the term as coincides with the gamer term, “w00t”.

“w00t” was originally an trunicated expression common among players of Dungeons and Dragons tabletop role-playing game for “Wow, loot!” Thus the term passed into the net-culture where it thrived in video game communities and lost its original meaning and is used simply as a term of excitement.

“I defeated the dark sorcerer! Woot!”

“woot! i r teh flagmastar!” (Think Tribes)

"Woot, I pwnzed this dude’s boxen!’
Source: Weatherlight, Apr 4, 2004


bad stuff. whoever buys this is a geek


Noooo Woooot


this one may last the whole time - have a good weekend all




i guess theres no woot-off today :cry:


[quote user=“GeeShizle”]Why no woot-off, and why this crap when I actually stay up!!!

:evil: :evil: :evil: :evil: :x :x[/quote]Too many people anticipating, hush hush on the woot off, now we gotta wait a whole nother week=(




One word…why?


Weee…er eh.