Dick Tracy® WristNet™ Watch by Fossil® Model FX3002


How gay…deal.com is starting to look better and better.


Not my thing, but hey 2 each their own!

Too bad I missed out on the Dell Speakers AGAIN!! There really are a few of us left that do not have these!

Hoping for a better Woot week next week :slight_smile:


Dick who?? I’ll bet Todd Miekle will buy one of these. Can they be hacked? :shock:


ok I am off


hrrmm… so for $40 a year… my watch could blue screen? Thanks but no thanks… Ill take my news on my cellphone


This one’s pretty weak… and plus, $40 a year? I’ll pass on this one :?


I should have guessed one of these would be on woot. Disappointed again. Oh well. (Psssst…bring back the aspire entertainment system).


hmmm, just not sure.


Gotta say this one is a w00tless watchi wonder…whatever…maybe for $5 or $10 I could give it as gifts … :roll:


sh*tty deal, this sucks

where’s woot-off


Good deal!!


[quote user=“lactoso1”]Dang, what kind of Cray/T3 combos are you first posting freaks using?!?!!


we have dual OC-12’s here at uw madison


Try 123.49 at Amazon when you add it to your cart.

This one is $49.99 and much nicer looking IMO



Too expensive…watch should be free if so many features require activation.



Huh…Dick Tracy? :shock:


[quote user=“Firebomb”]
Another Edit: My Super Cray Machine consists of a Pentium 2 Processor at 900mhz running Windows 2000 on 256mb of Ram. I am using Firefox on Comcast Cable internet. I win.

In other news, Nice Try \/[/quote]
There is no Pentium 2 - 900MHz . . .


super lame woot.plus there killing the screen savers. sad day

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[size=18:cae0fa3db2]WOOT!! I Ordered 2 of them. I have heard great things about MSN direct.[/size:cae0fa3db2]


We Need Woot Offf BADLY

Woot should avoid ANYTHING that requires an “activation”…even if it is only for “additional” features.

Last thing I want is another monthly bill.

Rather save for better woots.

Just my humble opinion, I understand others may love this deal. To each their own…