Dick Tracy® WristNet™ Watch by Fossil® Model FX3002


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Woot Rocks!


Woot Rocks!

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I think woot is going for a million today!!! Actually I wonder if at this point if they made it already.

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Can someone post the description and price? I missed this bad boy! Woot-offs Rule!!


Dick Tracy WristNet Watch by Fossil
Get news and weather on your wrist

For all you gadget lovers–here comes the smart watch. The Wrist Net watch with MSN Direct receives information wirelessly, so you’re in the know while on the go. Find everything from stock quotes to the latest news, all at a glance. Along with a seamless connection to your world, there are tons of watch faces to choose from, for just the look you want. Set-up is easy: simply charge up, activate your watch online, and set up the content channels you want. A subscription to MSN Direct–available in over 100 metropolitan areas in the U.S. and Canada–is required to take advantage of many watch features.

Some Wooters may remember this item’s November debut , but this time we’re throwing in a one year subscription (a $40 value). In addition to the included one year subscription, the Wrist Net watch also features out of the box functionality without any additional fees.

Free features included:
¬ Time - Changeable Faces, Count-down timer, Dual Alarms, Chronometer (Stopwatch)
¬ National News - Headlines and brief text information
¬ Stock Market Updates - Nasdaq, S&P, DJIA current market and 5-Day history
¬ Local Weather - High/Low/Forecast
¬ Calendar - Current/Future/Past Month-at-a-glance

The Dick Tracy Wrist Net Fossil watch includes AC Adapter and Charging cradle for wireless charging solution. It is constructed of Stainless steel and features a durable polyurethane watchband. Fossil ships the watch in a collectible tin with a free black Fossil/Dick Tracy t-shirt and offers a 90 day warranty on the watch. (If we run out of Fossil t-shirts, which we think is unlikely, we will gladly substitute the shirts off of our backs.)
Optional Service Plan:(info at MSN Direct)
Check map at the link above for coverage in your area. First year free, thereafter just $39.95 + applicable taxes per year. Get a year of the most popular MSN Direct channels. Add one-way Personal Messaging via MSN Messenger and Outlook Calendar sync for your appointments to the Smart Plan for $20 more per year.

Channels Overview:

Scan channel headlines without pressing any watch buttons! The Glance channel scrolls continuously through the channels you select. At any time, enter a channel headline to view the full details.

Stay connected with MSN® Messenger! Receive personal messages on your watch from your MSN Messenger list of family and friends.

Glance at weather reports and forecasts for your city-and cities all over the world! Local weather information includes current conditions, a three-day forecast, wind chill, humidity, barometric pressure, Ultraviolet (UV) Index, and more.

Stay current with news headlines that are pertinent to you and your location. Choose the types of articles you are interested in and receive them in an easy-to-read format. News categories include international, business, entertainment, sports, health, and technology.

Choose from a large list of popular stocks and indices and receive updates throughout the day. Information includes quotes, volumes, daily highs/lows, daily percentage changes, and more!

View appointments and personal datebook entries from Microsoft® Outlook® on your watch. Get times and locations for the events that are important to you, including professional and collegiate sports.

Track sports information as it happens with just a glance at your wrist! Continuous updates keep you current on game times, scores, pre-game stories, post-game stories, and standings for your favorite collegiate and professional sports teams.

Daily Diversions
Break up your day with trivia and fun facts - such as word of the day, quote of the day, born on this day and this day in history.

See what the stars have in store for you and your friends. Receive daily horoscopes for the astrological signs you want to track.

Choose other channels as they become available, like traffic alerts, movie times and locations, restaurant listings, games, and more.


It was $59.99, and I got one on the way :slight_smile:


heh-heh…Woot said “dick”…heh-heh…heh-heh-heh…


[size=18:3c4f4dab6e]Thanks alantown and stet!!! :smiley: [/size:3c4f4dab6e]



http://www.txmicro.com/ :twisted:
:roll: Fossil Dick Tracy Hi TECH Watch w/Internet MSN New $42.00 :shock:
:roll: Fossil Dick Tracy Hi TECH Watch w/Internet MSN Refurb $32.00 :shock:


www.moonlightsale.com has these for $43.95 new


You guys gotta remember that these also come with a free 1 year subscription to MSN Direct which is $39 + tax.

Edit: They have nicer models out there for pretty cheap. I’m tempted to buy a nicer model and just use teh subscription with it instead.

Edit 2: You can also buy another smart watch and share it on the same account. Up to 2 watches per account.


Anybody actually received their watch yet? It’s been over a week and my order info online doesn’t even show tracking information yet.

This is my first ever Woot purchase, but I thought I saw somewhere that they ship within 2-3 days?

My current watch battery is dying and it’s $12 to replace, so I’m hoping this shows up soon… not that I can tell how soon since my watch is wrong :smiley:


I emailed customer support about an item I ordered last Friday and still have no shipping info on. They said that supposedly Galloping Cow had posted in all of the forums that they expect to ship most stuff today (May 13th). I didn’t see his posts anywhere though. :evil:


I checked with my bank and the final charge was put through just a couple of days ago on May 11, which theoretically means it should have shipped at that time. hope so, I’m getting tired of resetting my watch every 4-6 hours…


well here it is then. :stuck_out_tongue:

12,000 products to ship is quite a feat for such a small staff.
i had originally heard estimates of trying to be finished by the end of the day today, but it’s looking like it’ll carry on into next week


Recieved mine today. Thought it was supposed to come with a certificate for a free year… Maybe it’s tied to the watch ID.

Edit: No dice, tried activating and nothing. FWIW I already ahve an MSN Direct account I just email Woot about this.


I got my watch today too. Also has no info about the free 1 year subscription. I really only want the subscription so that I can download some better watch faces…


After going through everything that it came with again, I did discover the 12 month free code. It’s on the bottom of a 3X5 card that’s white on one side and yellow/orange on the other. Says “Be there. Even when you can’t be there.” on the top.

I don’t know how I missed this before.