Dictionary Thumper

How do you get certified for this? Is it like a three week course you can do by correspondence?

If I only knew how to spell the word I need to look up!

I’m a believer!!

You rang?

[url=]Soteriology is the study of religious doctrines of salvation.

Have you been saved from salvation? Is this the correct conclusion after looking things up? And thanks, woot + boots, I always enjoy a chance to break out my computer’s lexicon.

I was thinking of that rabbit from that one disney movie reading a book.

I had to look that up. Uhm, I’m happily and permanently stuck with Saving Grace and Salvation thank you very much. Why would anyone even ask that? I must be missing something.

Saved from Jesus?

look who the first sucker of this shirt is!

So much win with this shirt. Even the stats are hilarious


As someone who is fully aware of the meanings of both of these words, I’m stymied by their combination. And, please, don’t misunderstand me. I do believe that this is a fantastic shirt, and it was in my cart before my brain kicked in and raised the red flag! If someone could provide me with either a coherent meaning for the phrase, “soteriologically extricated” or a reason why it shouldn’t make sense, then the only limitation on my buying this shirt will be the speed at which I can move my mouse.

I’m not certain if it’s asking if i’ve been extricated by it or from it.

I’ve been gleefully trolling prescriptivists since 1984. Where’s my shirt at?

This is just another perfect shirt on a perfect morning that is perfectly unfit for me. Guess I will save my money for zombie ninja pirates, or maybe for half of a movie ticket.


Amazing! Congrats Jamie!

I could be wrong but the vibe I get is that it’s for atheists who want to feel smart by having big words on their shirt.