Did someone put some new shirts up in here??

Yes! WE did! It was US!

You may have noticed we launched some new products today! Pullover hoodies, crewneck sweatshirts and long sleeve tees to be precise. And you probably noticed them here. (Oh, and also 3 new heather colors for our tees! Heather grey, dark heather and heather blue will start to show up in new designs soon!)

We’ll share more deets soon so there is plenty of fanfare to come! For now we’re just letting you superSHIRTwooters know about our secret plan to take over the world our super exciting news as we roll out the changes and test out all our new buttons and things. And stuff, we have to try out the new stuff too. You should test this stuff out, too!

For now, what you need to know is, Crewneck sweatshirts, long sleeve tees, and pullover hoodies will be available on these favorite colors: black, navy, royal blue, heather grey, and dark heather. These products will only be available for a limited time on our featured designs in the daily and event-based offers. Once an offer moves into the catalog these additional products will no longer be available. You’ll need to act quickly and buy them up now! So stop reading this, tell all of your friends, family, and followers, and hurry up on over here and buy some long sleeves for wintertime!


Yay fun news, @Lady5tark! Are woot staff the ones curating long sleeve takes and Heather prints? Are you looking for new subs for Heathers? Do artists need a new design template for them?

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The initial post was a little early. The link is working now.


Hey there, @BignellArt! We will feature designs on all products that have a corresponding color. If we curate and feature a design on heather grey, for example, it would be available on a tee, long sleeve tee, crewneck sweatshirt, and pullover hoodie for the feature only (Daily feature or event-based feature). This is true for existing designs we curate and feature and new designs.

Also, we would love to start seeing design submissions using the new colors, too! :slight_smile:

Today is more of a teaser; we will provide more details in the near future specifically for artists (e.g. design templates).


Very awesome! May I recommend revisiting the Submission portal then? Direct submissions still don’t have pink, purple, or orange as options, so if you’re adding more, it’d be nice for a small overhaul. Super excited for the new stuff!

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