Did Someone Say Vacation?!


My orange cat would die if I took him on a trip. The black cat loves to road trip, the orange not so much.

I have a black cat that does this, not to go on the trip but more to disrupt the packing process

Didn’t the shirts used to be $10?

Hi there. You can read about the price change and change in the standard/classic brand over here.

Congrats on the win CatrickSpens!

So cute! Congrats and well deserved! :slight_smile:

So cute :3 Congrats Patrickspens!

bon voyage mr kitty, great win today :slight_smile:

Who let the cat into the bag?

You raise your shirt prices but they include shipping yet Checkout is adding a $5 shipping fee to my intended order of just one shirt and nothing else. I am so frustrated with you, Woot!

My husband tried to order the shirt for me and it is doing the same to him.

I ordered it as I have several shirts… but this maybe the last one. $15 price increase, ok… but $5 shipping also, and I’m already paying tax… so $21.65 for a woot shirt no longer worth the price.

According to Woot’s new policy effective 2/1/18:
"New, Simplified Pricing
Charging a different price for every event type is so 2017. Beginning February 1st, all shirts featured on the front page of the site (i.e., Dailies and Plus Sales) will be $15, and everything else (i.e.- Catalog and Top 20) will be $19.

Standard Shipping Included in New Price (U.S. orders only)
The new prices listed above will include Standard Shipping for all domestic orders. Beginning February 1st, this means that a $15 shirt will actually be a $15 shirt, not a $15 shirt + shipping. So whether you think of it as “free shipping” or think of it as “shipping included,” we think it’s an improvement."

So, no, free shipping WAS NOT INCLUDED in the price of the shirt. It was, in fact, a “$15 shirt + shipping” as you stated it would not be. So disappointed, Woot. I even contacted customer service and they said only Amazon Prime members would get the free shipping. Everyone else would have to pay the $5 shipping fee.

Folks: I’m not staff, but I’ve sent a note to have them look into why the shipping is not being included.

Hi there. I’m sorry for the problem. There was an error in the setup. I’ve corrected it so it’s not charging the shipping.

I see CS has already refunded you the $5.