Did We Crash the Servers Crap

Did We Crash the Servers Crap
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Condition: Crappy, of course


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Good luck fellow evening wooters!

Hope everyone didn’t give up and go to bed already.

Wow… taking it’s sweet time.

Got it

Since I’ve missed the last couple stuck waiting I thought it would be the same results. Pleasantly pleased. Cheers!

waiting waiting waiting

After 3 trips to the waiting room I finally crapped.

THANK YOU! My 1st BOC I’ve gotten in years. Much love to you Woot! May it be the poopiest of the poo!

Wow! This must be the “Sorry the other Craps went so quickly” Bag of Crap. It’s hanging around for a while, and I got one!

Yay!Got one! Thought I missed all the crap, so excited for disappointment crap #4

Yea! Got through for one bag of crappy crap! Going slow…where are the wooters!!!



Success! Finally! Thank you and good luck!

Really hoping for one of those flying woot monkeys. 2yo just started wearing big-boy undies, and he was SO PROUD of his undies with the flying monkeys wearing capes and had to pose and show them off to everyone.

Damnit, I got another one. I just cant help myself. Crap on demand these days!!

Got that Bottle Of Cola!


Yay! Made it out of the waiting room for once.