Did you get anything cool yesterday on Prime Day?

Did you get anything cool yesterday on Prime Day?


I didn’t purchase anything, even though I got an additional $20 free to spend on Amazon.

Needed things. Got them. Saved some 35% of the total. Can’t complain. Now time to sleep :w_sleepy: :sleeping_bed:

  • 16 GB of DDR4 (3200 CL16).
  • 802.11ac Wi-Fi adapter.
  • Drill and angle impact driver set.
  • Gift cards.
  • Stainless steel cooking sheets.
    And because some people penguins enjoy looking at cat pics through the internet,
  • A 4-camera 1080p NVR system.


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I bought a bath mat.

…I got :poop: yesterday…

Just another garage sale as near as I could tell…

Wanted [and needed] a new TV set. But neither Amazon, Best Buy or Sears had the model I wanted on sale. So I will wait till the next sale period.


I’m super excited about it.


A mesh system for the new house, a blow dryer brush thing, and ice cream maker…
Oh and I snagged a BOC!
Now I Just have to figure out how to tell the wife.
She hates it when I buy one.
I make sure to tell her about every opportunity (missed) and how “I” decided not to buy one.

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…still exists?

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A new Kindle Paperwhite that was $50 off. It’s the only thing I was looking for and I managed to snag one before they sold out (AKA inventory that could be shipped immediately versus inventory that won’t ship out until November.)

PLUS, I was a Woot! Ninja just now and somehow got a coveted BOC Mini Block set for $1!

I’ve never had the pleasure of getting an actual BOC, so now I can say without deceit that I have an official Woot BOC. I mean, a BOC still counts as a BOC even if only made of Lego-like pieces and standing a neck-snapping 2" tall, right? Because I’m still high on Prime Day, I’ll play the eternal optimist (for a limited time only) and believe that it is.


Got Christmas gifts for the hubs!

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My daughter bought me a microwave since the one we have is getting rusty on the inside.
2 water piks for gifts
Advantix 2 for my dogs
Affresh for the washer
a Roku stick since i cut the cord on Spectrum cable.
Now my bank accounts cry…

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Ohhhh spectrum. Glad you ditched them.

I still have to use them for the internet, and we have also have phone service. They’re the only service available in this area besides Frontier. After the bill went up another 3 dollars i was done.

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We’ve got one, kids love it. Great for “rest time” aka you may be too old for a nap but DO NOT come out of your room until Mickey is no longer glowing red!


I cleaned up on Amazon devices using the sales plus trade ins (they give you a small amount of $ but add a nice 20 or 25% discount off of the original price on top)

  • iPad mini (first gen, stuck on iOS9) —> Fire HD 10 for $25 (usually $150)
  • First gen Fire Stick —> New Fire Stick 4K for $20 (usually $50)
  • Echo Dot —> Echo Show 8 for $4.44 (usually $130)
  • First Gen Kindle Fire —> Fire HD 10 for $52 (usually $150)

So for $102 and crap I didn’t use (or worse stuff than what I traded for) I got $480 worth of new ways for Uncle Jeff to spy on me!


I still haven’t traded in the Kindle which I got from Woot for $1, even though Amazon offered $10.


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