Didn't receive Sale Launched email

I’m missing the sale launch email for Whistling Wind containing the link to my stats and artist coupon. I usually receive them right when the shirt goes up for sale, so this is unusual. Thanks!

Here’s your stats:

One million shirts. Congrats!
(the design is awesome!)

:smiley: I wish! Thanks acraigl

I haven’t received a launch email either for a print in a sale launched today. Did you end up getting yours thatquietgirl1?

I did not, but I think the coupon still went through. I did receive a sale ended email. Still no stats though…

I did eventually receive my email for Whistling Wind, thanks!

I did not receive one today for The Great Beyond though…

Looks like I’m missing a couple now as well. Only 2 of the 4 shirts that launched today got an accompanying email.

I’m missing


I’m missing the launch e-mail for “Introvert Exploration Motto” also.

I’m also missing an email for




I never received a launch email for the Halloween Costume Tees: Amigo Uno sale. Which means, I didn’t get a link to sales or coupon code notification.

Just sayin’.

Still waiting for these as well…

I’ve asked the shirt team. I know we’re having some technical issues.

Thanks TT. Can you also inquire if the submission page is still janky? I’ve submitted a few and never heard anything back – wondering if they’re in the ether and I should resub?

Still this.
TT, I was thinking that maybe the nested sale for “Boo, Baby, YEAH!” has other issues besides comments showing up – maybe that’s the reason it didn’t key off to send me the email? No idea why I didn’t get the other one.

Links to the ones you’re missing? That’s kinda vague for me to send to the shirt team.



Ha, sorry. Assumed the above was still valid for reference.

After a while I find that the “sales stats page” is useless. I much prefer tracking sales through the comments page where it lists shirts sold. Sadly, all designs do not get opened up to comments. For example, none (that i saw) in the Classic Hallowoot sale have discussion available.

I asked about that and TT said that nested sales have a limitation where comments can’t be added.

That’s part of my concern as there’s no way to tell how many I’m selling (spoiler: not many) without the email.

What is a nested sale?

Check the Hollween sale on shirt.
When you click it you get subcategories. In each of those there are shirts. The code can’t handle certain things when it’s 2 levels deep like that.