Die Craps


ugh missed

after i placed my order, there were still 30% left. woooo…

Lost it again. Cart, yes. Buy, no.

screw this I’m going to bed

Here we go again ummmm ummmm this is getting old…Can everyone go to bed so I can get a bag of Crap??? LOL

Woot ! Finnaly after 2 denies got it ! my first quite happy !


Denied! I could not physically have clicked faster than that. Good night.

I said good night!

"This item is not for sale currently. Thou shalt not cheat the Woot-Off.

Something didn’t add up when we tried to create your order. Please review your order carefully and try again."

…that’s just sold out right? not…something I did wrong???

Got one! Didn’t even realize there was a Woot-Off going on until just a few hours ago. Very busy day. Glad to have scored one with only a couple of hours trying.

Whew, finally got one. Only my second try of the night, at that.

omg trying on and off for almost 10 years and I finally get my first bag of crap. This be one happy day for me

that kind of talk makes all of us very happy!

As a senior citizen I didn’t realize I’d slowed down sp much that I can’t push a button as fast as you youngsters! No BOC for me, but at least this time I got it in the cart!

I get it in the cart almost every time, go to checkout and Ive gotten the deny and sold out. I got one last woot off, is there a limit 1 per month? maybe thats what I keep getting bumped out. I actually have an order # on stuff I bought, but it says ‘denied’.

As a tip for those that may not know, the item seems to show up on the community page before the main page.