Diesel Sweeties

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*Control + click

Can someone explain the right-click one?

right click-save.

Scientists save the world.

I’d say it’s referencing how right clicking gives you additional information. options, and properties of the files and icons on your computer… Quite like how scientists look at things…

I was thinking it was something like that; instead of taking the world at face-value, they right-click on things to poke around and find stuff out.
I just don’t like how “right-click” is an option under the right-click menu…Why would you right-click to click right-click? Plus, all 3 options are separate commands/actions so it’s not natural to read them in order as a single reference.

Well, it’s kind of hard to illustrate that you right clicked on something in a singular picture. It also allows the viewer to read ‘Scientists right-click the world’ all the way through as a singular sentence, which seems to illude that scientists either save the world or look deeper into the properties of the world, rather than just look at the pretty images most people tend to- as previous commenters have pointed out :3