DigiPro 5.5x4” Graphics Tablet

Not Vista compatible.

Totally in for 1, I’ve wanted one of these for a while now.

I have windows vista! Will this work?


Looks like a good deal, anyone know how useful these are?

wow, so cheap for a tablet, is it any good?

Never seen a tablet around this cheap, im in for one

Been looking to buy a tablet for sometime now. Anyone know how good of a product this is?

WACOM or nothing…

Not trying to sound like an asshole, but I am a pro with tablets.
I have used many…


You will be dissatisfied, especially if you have ever used a wacom. Wacoms have patented technology. They are the best. No one can use the same. If you are any sort of designer, even just a hobby, DO NOT GET THIS. If you want to sign your name at the bottom of a digital page, and that is it.
Go for it…

Good Luck!

This does not mean wacoms will only work. I have seen other tablets that are not wacom, that do not use the same technology, that work well. But the fact that I went to about four different sites and couldn’t find the lpi (Lines per inch) tells me this is not going to be great… At all

Been wanting one of these for quite some time. In for one.

This is what I typically hear from people, but I want to believe!

Here is a


Does not work with Vista:

Product Requirements

IBM PC or compatible with PIII processor or above

# Windows® 98SE/ME/2000/XP

Mac OS 9.x, 10.2.6 or higher


128 MB free hard disk space

CD-ROM drive

USB port


According to this review on about it works with Vista

This isn’t the same as the tablets that you can write on and the computer types your print into a document for you, is it? If not, what are those tablets called?

(I’m assuming it’s not because it does say “drawing.”

should have read this first…crud.

I’m in for one. It’s better than the trackpad, which is what I got now.