DigiPro 5.5×4” Graphics Tablet

In for one.

I did some research and if you want to try something like this out, this product/price really cannot be beat; at 20 USD + 5 USD shipping, it is about 10-15 USD cheaper than I could find anywhere else.

Lots of interesting features and uses as well; write with your hand in word, draw random stuff, use it as a mouse, whatever.

If I get sick of it, I might repackage and give as a gift too :-).

It was already on the wootoff last night in middle of night.

It’s probably a pretty good buy, if you didn’t get the LaPazz 8x6 tablet for $30 this morning at 0600 UTC.

I did. :stuck_out_tongue:

They might have the LaPazz again this woot-off so maybe wait on it, if you’d rather have that, and have the dedication to watch all day…

They had the 6X8 on the woot off very early…


Just a word of warning - when the 6 x 8 was on sellout last, I lost out by doing too much research time and it sold out fast.

Woot or get off the pot. ; )

Errr thanks for the heads up everyone…think i might pick this one up any its small so i makes it more portable wouldnt be hard to throw into my laptop case

i also did the same

I’m swayed, I’m in for 1.

I should have been more clear. By “real graphics work” I meant semi-professional or “serious” graphics work. You just don’t have a prayer of doing any actually artistic work on a tablet that small. The broad strokes necessary for grahpic design are nearly impossible with something like this. You just can’t be productive or get any sort of detail with something so restrictive.

For just “fun” graphics work, doing some logos, avatars, general “painting” in photoshop or stuff like that, other casual work, I’m sure that this would be a good way to avoid spending hundreds on a professional piece of hardware.

Of course, I doubt anyone who’s interested in doing any sort of serious graphics work would even be considering this anyway, so my clarifications are probably pointless lol.

Point being, don’t expect this to be a substitute for a “real” graphics tablet, but rather more of a casual tool or a piece of introductory hardware to get a taste of what a grahpics tablet is like.

Also, the resolution isn’t mentioned (perhaps it’s in the documentation online somewhere), but that’s an important factor as well. The size alone doesn’t convey the resolution quality of the sensor device. A low-resolution sensor can make detail drawing virtually impossible.

Just some factors to be aware of.

very tempting considering I wanna get a Wacom eventually, but don’t know much about them. for $20, I feel like it’s a steal…

Very true point! :slight_smile: This is definitely just a diving board into better tablets, just something you can start off with and get a feel for.

And there is nothing wrong with a 4x5 tablet, check out this little beauty which was made with a 4x5 Wacom. :slight_smile: The resolution is fine for me. I just zoom in a lot.

Bought 3 of the larger one. One was DOA, glad I have the other two. (Holidays are comming). A lot of fun and worth it, easy to set up, kinda flimsy, you very often get what you pay for. Works fine despite the flimsy feel. For this price? Buy three and save on the shipping. I’d love to receive this as a gift.

Oh yeah, if you zoom in you can basically “upgrade” the resolution, but that can get extremely tedious. Plus, wacom is a quality product that undoubtedly has better LPI than this one.

I do ‘real’ graphic work, and I do find myself zoomed in a LOT of the time doing detail work and such.

That being said, it’s not the small size of the entry tablets that gets me, but the sensitivity level. I’m saving up for a 1024 at the moment. :slight_smile:

Well, you forgot to mention the abundance of talent you so obviously possess.

I’m in for one. This is my first tablet. Hope I have fun with it. :slight_smile:

I like the one they had on the woot-off yesterday better… 'twas bigger. Cheaper too. But I was beaten out of line by others. :frowning:

I do the same with my 4x5 Wacom, and it works pretty well. Of course, my tablet has a scroll wheel and couple buttons on the tablet itself, which makes it easier to pan and zoom the image. One advantage a smaller tablet has over a larger one is that it’s quicker and easier to move the cursor across the screen. They also require less destop space. It is true that they make precise brush strokes a little more difficult though, and when zoomed in, you don’t have as good an overview of your surroundings. I’ll probably move up to a slightly larger Intuos eventually, but for now my 4x5 tablet works well enough.

Actually, it was $29.99 + $5 shipping, so it didn’t cost less than this. : )

I think they’re referring to the writup, which is saying it makes a scraping noise when you run the pen across it. That’s also mentioned in the one review. If it’s bothersome, you should be able to just secure a piece of paper or other thin material over the tablet surface without effecting its performance.