DigiPro 8'' x 6'' USB Graphics Tablet with Cordless Pen

THere are a few with decent reviews on Amazon, but not this exact model…

does this work with vista

The pen needs a battery? That’s weird.

This would probably be pretty good if it’s your first tablet, then you can graduate to a Wacom tablet.

How will this work for Counter Strike?

if it doesn’t, downgrade to XP. You’ll be happier in the long run

Here is a review

So this is for hardcore graphic artist type people right? For your average schmo like me, this is way overkill correct?

I’ve never researched drawing tablets before (haven’t ever used one either), and am interested in purchasing this for graphics design. Can someone in-the-know point out where this tablet stands in bang-for-the-buck category, or if it’s even worth purchasing as a beginner tablet?

Yup, got one during a woot off a few months back and it works fine with Vista…

Good product.

Used this for Photoshop and it was great for beginners. It’s now being use by my 10 years old for drawing in paint.

I bought the smaller one last time around. Works just dandy in Vista, though it gets funky with dual monitors. I have to disable my second monitor to get it to work right

Very helpful review. Thanks for the post!

This is the same as Uc-logic 3d Graphics 8x6 USB Drawing Tablet .

I wouldnt worry about this working with Vista, I am pretty sure it would.

However, as I have learned already sometimes the cheaper tables do not support Widescreen display OR multiple monitors (And I have both of those configurations).

Wacom I know has an advanced settings area where you can specify that you are using multiple monitors and a widescreen display.

If this one allows for that type of setup, then it is a great value. For those of you with a single 4:3 aspect ratio display it should be fine as well.

Anyone tried this with XP x64? Or Vista x64…

I’d like one, but I’ve got 64-bit OSes

Im debating getting it, but the sensitivity is a bit low for my liking… :confused:

I’ve always wanted one of these to play around with…

Is it worth the $38?

i have this one


it works good I think I payed a bit more and mine came with a mouse too. BTW thanks woot.

Can anyone who has one of these already say if it works like a wacom tablet?

Example: Can it sense the pen hovering above the pad (to move the cursor) without having pressed the pen to the pad like the wacom can?