DigiPro 8" x 6" USB Graphics Tablet with Cordless Pen

If I was interested in buying a tablet, is this a good one or would I be better off spending a little more and getting something better?

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New DigiPro 8" x 6" USB Graphics Tablet with Cordless Pen, for $32.99 + $5 shipping
Product: 1x DigiPro WP8060 8x6" USB Graphics Tablet w/Cordless Pen

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Similar price on compgeeks.com daily. Well not it’s geeks.com

All generic pads. Still great for the personal touch with e-mails.

That one is good, I think that the only difference between this and a Wacom is that the Wacoms do not need a battery inside the stylus (Wacom has a patent over this technology and AFAIK they do not license it to anyone).

i wanna submit my shirt ideas to shirt.woot. this thing get the job done? and also, will i need any additional software to make my submissions?

Thanks for the help!!

Won’t work with Vista

Who cares? Nothing is compatible with Vista.

So how many people were thrown off by the line “It’s not their fault that they aren’t compatible with most graphic software like Painter and Photoshop” and thought the description was referring to this product? Think you may have shot yourself in the foot there, Woot… I don’t know if many people will bother continuing to scroll down to the bottom of the page to see what it really means.

Uh huh

Anybody still using vista?
I think Linux or XP are better.


someone correct the child if he is wrong please, i use only vista. i actually like it :wink: i dont mind change and dont btch about new things :wink:

I dual-boot Vista and Ubuntu. Can’t run XP on this laptop due to the hardware requiring drivers that the XP install CD doesn’t have. I use Vista for all my graphics needs, as I’d rather not argue with WINE to get my favorite Adobe programs to work nicely.

I’ve never bought a tablet before, and such a low price would encourage me to do so. However, if it doesn’t work with Vista, then it doesn’t work with me.

I got this same tablet from a recent woot - the sensitivity on mine is crap. At the most sensitive setting, you have to press annoyingly hard for it to register at all and really hard for it to register max pressure.

It’s OK - but I wouldn’t exactly recommend it to anyone. I have no idea how other tablets in a similar price range compare (or higher price range, for that matter!).

In case you’re thinking of getting it for a kid - my 5-yr old daughter can’t get it to register she’s even doing anything w/o pressing good and hard, so she ends up pressing really hard and wearing down the tip pretty fast.

No, he’s not wrong. I bought this on Woot a few months ago - it’s a neat gadget. I have both a Vista box and an XP box - it doesn’t work on Vista.

Thanks for the help!!! :smiley:

I am using Vista. My whole technology dependent family is using Vista. No problems - no issues.

But this thing won’t work on Vista. I bought it. I’m sure it won’t work on Vista.

i used a tablet like this for years, if you want a cheap tablet for beginning to learn computer graphocs to see if its for you, this seems like a good deal.

of course now i have a intuos wacom, and it is fabulous… if you have 400 bucks to spend. there is a decent wacom for something like 80 bucks now, but not everyone wants to spend loads of cash to just doodle on the computer.

good beginning tablet, but if you have the desire to go far in digital art, and the money to spend, buy a wacom instead.

Some reviewers have had problems with the tablet’s functionality while using a Vista or a mac. It works for some people and then the other half can never get the pen’s pressure sensitivity to actually sense in photoshop or corel.
this would be something good to play with: you want to try a tablet and don’t want to drop 200 on wacom quite yet. But this is not for anything more than play.
Although, best of luck with lemons. it’s a sour experience.

Did you actually try downloading the Vista Driver from its official web site?

From what I’ve heard, the CD packaged with it doesn’t include a Vista driver, but that can be found on their web site. You should at least check for updated drivers before claiming that it doesn’t work.

works with vista and xp. If it doesn’t work on yours, you’re doing something wrong.