DigiPro 8" x 6" USB Graphics Tablet with Cordless Pen

Never buy a tablet that’s not named WACOM.

I considered getting a generic tablet to save money, but ended up choosing a Wacom Bamboo Medium with mouse.

If you want to experiment this might be an ok toy, but for serious fun – as others have said, Wacom rules.

720p, huh? How interesting…So will this DigiPro 8" x 6" USB Graphics Tablet with Cordless Pen go that high? Check the Yahoo Shopping page, Woot peeps, I see an error…Or are you just trying to throw us off? Well, it worked…

Echoing this, the drivers from the website work perfectly fine. Heck, I didn’t even have to use them at first, but installed them for posterity.

@ the folks who have issues with sensitivity: You might have gotten a dud, as this doesn’t take that much pressure to use. I’ve doodled really gently and had no real issues with it.

I’ve been using this tablet on a Dell XPS laptop with Vista Ultimate for several months without a single issue. It might not beat the high end tablets, but for light Photoshop work, this thing has been a blast.

Anyone have anymore info on how it works with Macs? I’m not a Mac user, but I was thinking about getting it as a gift for someone. There seems to be a driver, but I take it that means that whatever Mac image editing programs will work with this?..

Bought this on Woot for my 5-year old to do some Paint “stuff.” Turns out to be a very handy device. Works great on Vista, and I’ve tried it with both drivers from CD and native Vista drivers–both are exactly the same.

Great for small-scale photoshopping, etc. Don’t let the kids scribble too fast, as the tip will wear down (or develop a flat side). But all in all, 9 out of 10 for a small-timer like me.


I got this on a previous woot. For the money, it’s a really great tablet. Of course Wacom is better, but it also costs quite a bit more. I use it on XP.

I guess you’re wrong.
I don’t own this, I’m considering the purchase, but if you do a google search on past woots you’ll see that somebody spotted the drivers for vista


best hint:


Reading the comments on past woots, it looks like it works very well on mac.
See them yourself here:

Someone please buy all of these and donate them to a local university’s graphic design department. Get your tax write-off, and they will stop showing up on woot.

Is this made by emerson? I see the error too.

I got this during the last Woot-off as a toy for me and my 6 year-old daughter.

Right now I have it installed on Mac OS 10.3.9 and it is working just fine. My daughter is using it with the AppleWorks drawing and painting programs, and she likes it. Those programs don’t appear to respond to the touch sensitivity, so everything we draw looks the same in that regard. She does not have any trouble getting the stylus to respond, and she is very small. She loves it.

The written documentation leaves a lot to be desired. We still aren’t sure how to buy and replace the pen tips, and the directions are sort of vague.

The DigiPro Tablet I got came with Trial versions of Photoshop CS3 and Corel Painter X, but these are only for Windows. I have yet to try these and the tablet on my XP machine. This is a disappointment, as I was hoping to use them on my Mac.

The box says it works with Windows XP, 2000 and Vista, FWIW.

Overall, at this point I would recommend this for beginning users and kids. I am sure that, when I finally have the money for Adobe CS3, I will also pony up for a Wacom. But for now, it is a fun little gadget for the price.

bought mine last time they were on here and I have vista. Vista actually has built in tablet software so I plugged it in and it just worked hah so yes it definatley works with vista. It actuall says VISTA COMPATIBLE on the box. Misinformed post, great little tablet works really well I would be in for 1 if you are interested

It works fine with vista it even says vista compatible on the box when you get it in the mail :stuck_out_tongue: User account controlls will potentially block it or even antivirus software due to it using a windows application. I would’nt see an issue if you actually knew what you were doing hah need any help getting it to work send me an e-mail east123man at da yahoo dot com. If you use the Vista drivers for it without using the cd it uses the tablet software that comes standard with Vista Home Premium and above.

I am glad you let me know! Every computer in the house uses Vista. I want a graphics tablet. Does anyone know if there is a graphics tablet that DOES work with Vista??? I am a teacher and it is a helpful teaching tool. Even my computer at the school runs on Vista.

Checked around…Vista’s a go. Inferuno!

$2 less than it was when I got it on woot.

(hint: read this if you’re about to ask: “Does it work with…?”)

It’s OK for a starter tablet, but has a decided learning curve. Be prepared for it to arrive with a dead battery.

I am glad someone with sense got on and corrected the usual ignorant naysayers.
I would bet cash money most of the people claiming it didn’t work with Vista did not actually attempt to install it correctly on said OS.

In fact, I have Vista routinely find and automatically download the latest drivers for everything I have ever plugged into it. I have yet to have a failure in this regard.