DigiPro 8" x 6" USB Graphics Tablet with Cordless Pen

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New DigiPro 8" x 6" USB Graphics Tablet with Cordless Pen, for $29.99 + $5 shipping
Product: 1x DigiPro WP8060 8x6" USB Graphics Tablet w/Cordless Pen

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Are there any drivers out there to make it mac compatible? Yes, I have to be the mac guy again. =]

Yay! These are so useful!
Why couldn’t you have these AFTER this week’s payday?! :frowning:

…why? Seriously, why?

Anyone know if this is vista compatable?

Bought one of these the last time they were offered… never could get it to work properly on either of my desktops or laptop. Updated drivers from website didn’t help any. The tablet would work… but it would only be like 1/4 of the tablet to represent my whole screen. Good price though… cheaper than what I paid…


512 levels of pressure? old models.

I bought this one woot awhile ago. It’s pretty decent for a graphics tablet. Some notes:

  • Works on Widescreen monitors
  • No dual monitor support (works on one monitor but can’t move pointer to other monitor)
  • Limited Vista and Windows 7 support (pen writes fine but can’t use buttons on pen for anything except right clicking)
  • Yes on 64-bit (using right now)
  • Can’t get the pressure levels to work as far as I know… In Illustrator and Photoshop, the harder you push does not make the width of the pen/brush thicker.

based on reviews from amazon and elsewhere, if one is able to find appropriate drivers (and it is a chore) then they’re pleased with it at a much higher price that what woot’s asking for here.

i’ll have to wait for more comments myself.

This one’s averaging 3 stars on Amazon. But this price is unreal.

Thought I’d drop the review that helped with my original purchase.


I wooted one of these for my 5-yr old daughter and unfortunately it doesn’t really work well for her. At light, comfortable levels of pressure, it doesn’t respond at all. For an adult, I find I have to push slightly uncomfortably hard. As a child, she really has to put her strength in it to the point where she’s pressing so hard that the nib wears out pretty fast.

According to the front page of sellout.woot:

Macintosh Requirements: (For driver only)
Mac OS 9.x, 10.2.6 or higher

What that means is that the bundled software won’t work with OSX but the pad itself, if you have the software for it, should work.

According to Amazon reviews and the blogworld at large, Vista and the more recent versions of OSX could create problems (http://www.amazon.com/DigiPro-WP8060-x6-Inch-Graphics-Cordless/dp/B000GLN7O4).

Newer v5.01.1 driver available here:
DigiPro is the brand name for UC Logic in the US. Current drivers can be downloaded from the UC Logic Web site.

I bought one of these last time they were up on Woot. Running on Vista 64-bit couldn’t ever get pressure levels to work. Works great other than that.

haha, OK one last post…

Just downloaded the new drivers… and they fix all my problems on Windows 7/Vista!


I bought this tablet a while ago from Woot. I hardly ever use it, but it’s fun and I still keep it attached to my computer. Make sure to plug it directly into the computer, though, and not to a hub. It stops being pressure sensitive after some time when plugged into a hub.

When I used Vista (Basic, 32-bit), it worked perfectly in Photoshop and in general browsing around the computer using the stylus.

When I switched to Ubuntu (8.10 and 9.04, 64-bit), I managed to get it working perfectly again using this tutorial. Pressure sensitivity still worked.

When I switched to Debian (5.0.1, 64-bit), I can’t remember if I used the previous tutorial or this one, but pressure sensitivity is the only thing not working. I may have even used a combination of both. I could probably manage to if I spend the time on it, but I’m happy with the tablet as it is right now.

I have this product. Tablets are good for specific tasks. Unless you have a specific use in mind like electronic painting/drawing or touching up images in PhotoShop you may decide is quicker to use a mouse – When the novelty wore off I never used mine again. That and I got a touch sensitive PC/tablet/laptop combo.

If you are on the fence as to whether a tablet is good for you or not there is NO cheaper way to get to try it out at home than by buying this woot. A decent tablet like Wacom Tablet will set you back hundreds for something a fraction of this size.

If it turns you love it you can ultimately upgrade to better more advance models/brands.

Makes a decent gift for computer literate students.

Did it fix the Dual Monitor issue as well?