DigiPro 8''x6'' USB Graphics Tablet with Cordless Pen

I bought this from Woot and I learned that the pressure sensitivity does not work in 64bit Vista. I have a 24" monitor and it scales well. Well worth the price for taking notes in OneNote or just doing some sketchin’.

But the pressure sensitivity does not work. Just sayin’

Anyone know how well it plays with OS X (Leopard)? I am very tempted to get it… such a good price…

They work with Vista, according to write-ups elsewhere.

Item at Amazon: http://www.amazon.com/Genius-MousePen-8X6-Graphic-Tablet/dp/B000LEI95I/

That depends on what you mean by “quality”…if you were to weigh performance per dollar, Wacom sucks, because you pay literally ten times as much, for a few extra bells and whistles. For example, you get rotation, which most people never use, or even realize they have.

Wacom is better, but not ten times better.

I had a similar 5"x4" Digipro tablet, and it worked ok. I lost the stylus on a train, though, which has rendered the tablet pretty much useless. ;_;

Considering ordering this, to replace the previous one… I wonder if it will work driverless in Linux like the other one did (minus pressure sensitivity of course).

Bought 1… always wanted another tablet… had one probably 10 years ago but the quality was horrible. Though about getting a new one many times but the prices were always a bit absurd. Figure for <$40 what the hell. If it doesn’t work well I can just pass it off to someone else on xmas. =/

whoops I wooted

Really? That looks nothing like this one. Even if they just changed the casing, I don’t see any traces of the “hot-cell” shortcut buttons like on the one you linked to. Where’s the mouse?

I have that Genius tablet and its amazing. The pen/stylus doesn’t require a battery, and is pressure sensitive. It was a great price on n.egg, but this is still cheaper. I’m a bit nervous about the differences since I’m so used to the Genius (haven’t tried Wacom nor any others) but it still looks good for the price. I have heard of DigiPro. Thanks for comments, I may get this as a gift for a friend.

Woot steals my money. My wallet hurts as of recently. 5th sellout woot.

At the very least the computer will see it as a mouse, except that positioning is absolute. It’s still much nicer for drawing.

GoGoGadget Entry Level Tablet!
I’m in for one.

If you want to know if tablets are for you, this is a good one to start with but make sure it works with whatever art program you use. While it works with Paint Shop Pro (version 8), I still haven’t figured out how to get the sensitivity/pressure to register with that program. (ie: pressing down making isn’t making wider lines, but I would like it to) If someone knows how to fix this, I would be grateful.

Also, even though the instruction booklet mentions them, the replaceable nibs are non-existent. There is a full pen replacement out there (DigiPro P20 Replacement Pen), but you have to go to ebay pretty much to find it. Good luck finding any online store that carries it AND has it in stock.

In for one.

It’ll make a good gift

this is the 4th time this has been on woot!

can anybody say how good it was for them?

WACOM is better, there is no substitute for Wacom. Trust me on this I’ve had 2 different tablets before from various brands till i finally got the wacom. If you use Adobe Photoshop Wacom.
errr… I guess if you feel like browsing the web/using MSword/MSpaint this would be fine.

Ask ANYONE in the business it’s wacom.
Ignoring budding students, they compromise or don’t fully use all the features a tablet should have like tilt, pressure sensitivity, and eraser [In high precision]. When you start working you will start using wacoms. Most likely you guys [students] are only using a tablet as just as a pen shaped mouse with a few of you using pressure sensitivity.

But like i said if you are not in/going in an artist field. This should be fine with most people.

For $40 I doubt anyone is expecting a top of the line tablet. It is obvious this is nothing compared to a wacom, yet people still feel the need to point this out everytime woot throws them up. People buy these tablets to play with one and see how they like em without having to waste hundreds of dollars. Almost every review I have read on this tablet says it is a great deal for <$40 and is a great piece of equipment for casual tablet users, which is who it was designed for.

Used Christmas gifts that don’t work well? How thoughtful of you!

Considering last year my sister and her family didn’t bother even giving a card or anything for xmas after I spent over $500 on them… they should be lucky to even get a used gift this year.