DigiPro 8''x6'' USB Graphics Tablet with Cordless Pen

You are right and should give those cheap bstrds coal.

Not VISTA compatible?

I’ve been looking for an easy way to draw chemical structures I can project on the screen, from my notebook computer, during the classes I teach. I’m hoping this will let me put sketches up easily. Will I be able to use it to put small graphics into, for example, Powerpoint or Word files? Can I just use the software that comes with the pad to project my own handwriting and drawings, in real time, in class?

I teach in some classrooms that have plenty of projection screen but very little visible chalkboard space (which is really what works best for what I do). :frowning: Such is progress. Some of them also have those crappy cameras like they use in cooking shows, but the picture quality is terrible, and the field of view is small.

Thanks for any kindergarten-level help you can give to someone who is not an artist and hasn’t used one of these guys before. And thanks for the good info that’s already up here.

Just pulled the trigger for 2 - one for me, one for my sister with two young’uns.

Bought it before. Instructions are written by the guy who writes Chinese menus. After two hours I gave up on it

that is not vista compatible either.

neener neener neener!!! Last one!!

dammit. I spent too much time reading the blog! :stuck_out_tongue:

Me too Cableguy…darn it and I wanted 3. Oh well, thats $100 I didn’t spend, maybe these will show up during a wootoff or something.

ha, that’s exactly what I thought. money I didn’t actually need to spend!

Been running this exact tablet on leopard since the last time it was up and it works great. Fun as heck and well worth the price.

well, since you put it that way… it actually IS thoughtful of you!

in terms of using this tablet with leopard, it works flawlessly.

Dang… I seem to always to miss these …

cries But I wanted one!!!

What version? Did you install the software that came with it?

I did that and it would only move in one direction (up).

I can’t believe this is sold out AGAIN.

I was up past one and I ALWAYS check the woot when I’m up that late. Except for last night. And every other time these are up. This is the fourth one of these I think I’ve missed? THIS SUCKS UGGGGHHH.

Bought one just a few minutes after midnight… for only $40, how can you go wrong???

I recently started a vinyl decal business, so hopefully this item will allow me to draw some custom designs, etc. Looking forward to trying this toy out!

As far as comparing it to a Wacom… in one link it was listed 7th within the top 10 tables. Like most things, I’m sure you get what you pay for, but who wants to drop 3 or 4 bills on an item if they don’t have any or much experience with. I’m willing to gamble with $40 alot quicker than I am with $300

Thanks for everyone’s feedback on the item, it helped me decide to make the puchase!!!

Ok, not trying to ask a dumb question, but what practical uses are these things good for?

If you are a graphic designer and work a lot with Adobe’s CS3 suite and similar program, you will enjoy having a graphics tablet. If you do not, you should probably stick to your mouse…