Digital 2 Way FRS/GMRS Wristwatch Radio


great gift for children or those who want to pretent to call “kit” lol


Would Dick Tracy use these??


Now we can play G.I. Joe during our laser tag tournaments… wooo… I want B.O. Cabbage


These are awesome!!!

KITT, come save me buddy!


KITT, this is Michael, get me a new woot!


What’s the range on this?


too bad u need a liscense for gmrs


Sort of James Bond-like


Ohh Boy just like Dick Tracy…


Copy that Dick Tracy.


SecretPrices has some similiar models $30+

SecretPrices - X2X model $29.99

Froogle X2X model $26.99


This will finally complete my attempts to be James Bond!


these look really cool…will they interfere w/my wireless internet?


Here is a link to this product.



Who remembers Dick Tracy’s 2-way wrist radio? From about 1955.


These would have been REALLY cool when I was about 10 years old!


I think the owner of Woot has a cousin in the walkie talkie radio business, that’s why Woot happens to have 80 different models and brands of radios.

Has to be!



This is a nice Woot. I have a couple of these, and they actually work pretty good. Rechargability is very nice to have, and is actually good quality, as is the reception. If I didn’t already have some, I’d definitely woot tonight.


1.5 miles