Digital Blue AC Charger for Mini USB Devices

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Well done!

The Eris uses the ‘lopsided Mini-USB’ connector, where one corner is angled and the other squared, but a normal Mini-USB connector should fit just fine.

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I use this for my touch pro 2 all the time

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I know of a mini-USB charger that could revive you?

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There’s actually 6 extra pins. Some for audio, some for mic, and one to “turn on” rapid charging (if the wall wort gets signal on the switch lead, it’ll send extra current down the cable to rapid charge)…

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Pontiac Vibe, prolly. Or maybe haz power inverter.

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My G1 has the same “lopsided” connector on it, but the AC adapter it came with has a normal mini-USB connector and obviously works just fine. Although it’s a real pain trying to plug the phone in blind since the corners aren’t exact.

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Only 4400 of these? I thought there would be way more than that, considering how long it took.

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The rapid charge really does make a difference. I charged my CLIQ from a 3rd party micro USB off Amazon that shows 650mA - then from a Motorola 550mA USB>Micro USB>CLIQ, and I would say it was around 4X faster from the Motorola 550mA charger. It charged it from 17% to 100% in less than 2 hours, where the 3rd party 650mA charger took over 8 hours.