Digital Blue AC Charger for Mini USB Devices

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There’s three phones with the name “Droid” and here’s how they break down:

Motorola Droid: Micro USB
HTC Droid Eris: Mini USB (ExtUSB)
HTC Droid Incredible: Micro USB

Only the Droid Eris will work with this adapter.

This charger will NOT work with a droid. The droid uses a MICRO USB; which will one day be standard for cell phones.

under normal circumstances that would not be quality. but considering the douche-baggery going on around here, i give it +quality all day long. ty, plz drive thru

You can always go with a Mini USB to Micro USB adapter:

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Yes, it should. I’ve used several different mini-USB cables (even the cheap-o one that came with an SD card adapter I got for free) and they all work. The only reason the stock Eris cable is different is because HTC added two extra pins for audio and video. The mini-usb will work to charge it.

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The Eris uses the ‘lopsided Mini-USB’ connector, where one corner is angled and the other squared, but a normal Mini-USB connector should fit just fine.

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I use this for my touch pro 2 all the time

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