Digital Blue AC Charger for Mini USB Devices

Some people just never learn…

Is this backwards compatible?

I think Woot was digging through my garbage over the weekend. I just threw out 20 of these…

The PS3 controllers use the the standard mini-usb to USB cords, so yes it will. Or rather…it should.

Buy your three, take your lumps and move it along people. We have a Wootoff to facilitate!

Not if you buy 3 – of course, who really needs 3 of these?

After a little homework…yes, it should charge the controller…

droid is micro usb, which is not mini usb

Unless you overcharge your controller then an additional $39 to replace that

Everything I own uses Micro USB. And even if that weren’t the case, this is still a waste.

Will this charge my Garmin GPS? It charges by mini-usb…

What happens when I type in ‘scaffolding’


In case one breaks…always need a backup!

it should, if I remember my usb connectors correctly

I have plenty of AC-5VDC USB bricks and USB-A to mini-USB cables, thank you very much! Although, if I need some, I would be in for three.


While I tend to buy just about anything, had three in my cart and still couldn’t push the “I want one” button.


Yeah thats my concern… should that be a concern???

What are you referring to, exactly?

To all those wondering if this will charge a PS3 controller, I don’t believe it will. I tried using my Blackberry charger on my PS3 controller a few weeks back with no success. The plug fits just fine but the controller doesn’t seem to recognize that the cable is there for some reason.