Digital Blue AC Charger for Mini USB Devices

Disney logo because it’s a Disney Adapter?

Don’t bother with the Bag of Crud. Last woot off, for the first time, I actually got through and purchased the BOC. Correct me if I’m wrong, but a while back, they stopped allowing you to purchase 3 BOC for a buck each, and just determined that everyone purchased 3 BOC and thus everyone who got through would be purchasing 3 BOCs for $3 plus shipping. Well, I got my BOCs in one box and it included a total of 4 items … a high school musical clock, a tshirt, a fold-up picnic basket and an octopus extension cord, of which I had just bought 3 during the woot-off. Either they are getting stingy with their BOCs or I got ripped off.


I feel like this item should be on the wootoffkiller page with the darn GPS unit…

Just curious if this will power my Woot-off lights or a Homer Simpson light… Whataya think?

now over 845 dollars spent on woot-off. I think I got everyone’s Christmas/Birthday all cover.

I’ve ordered 3 of several Woot items and given them as gifts. Folks love to get gifts for no reason: “I got this for 99 cents, and I’m giving it to you, since I feel sorry you’re so ugly!”

edit: Okay, okay - I usually keep one since I’m ugly too…

Woot should have free shipping. period

“Intelligent charging circuit recognizes a fully charged battery and automatically switches to trickle mode to prevent overcharging”

Does anyone know if this will this work with the HTC Droid Eris? Thanks!


baseballs …lol

Negative, I’ve found these typically don’t charge them.

Will it work for the CLIQ?

Yeah, and free items…or maybe they should just pay us. Free shipping? $5 for a 42" TV is a great deal, on a computer? Great deal. I think their shipping is a steal, even on things like these.

It should only cost $6.49, have to buy 3.

Our Website offers free shipping. It really eats into the profits.

will this run on my mac?

no…it won’t.

Listen to this guy because his Avatar looks like Jesus and He said Heaven. Just sayin…