Digital Blue Disney Cheetah Girls 512 MB Mix Stick WMA/MP3 Player

WTF? Next!

perfect for the little girl I never had!

so what is kids woot for?

this should be in the kids section, NEXT!!!

512MB…How much death metal does that equate to?

I’m not a girl


awesome, something for me to blow up … NEXT!

Shipping kills this deal.

I believe we are getting trolled.

isnt this supposed to at kidswoot?

Wonder how the boos will feel if I call in with a woot-off hangover.

step 1: buy 3
step 2: download eBooks
step 3: dispose of them when the book is done

next up? disposable iPads.


got a Jonas Brothers one before Christmas for my 8 year old, reviews are pretty iffy, sounds like a high failure rate, but hers is great - she absolutely loves it and I even borrowed it once when I couldn’t find my iPod. Only shuffles, no display, but perfect for the kidlets.

This will be a great addition to the stroller and car seat from the last two Happy Hours.

anyone want to dive on the grenade and start buying these up for the common good so we can get on to a woot that’s actually halfway decent?

Hai, lil bro asked for an MP3 player… In Fer One.