Digital Blue Disney Mix Micro Blue Chrome MP3 Player


Has disney bought woot?

It’s like they’re doing this on purpose

The matching set to the Cheetah Girl player from last hour. Now both your kids will be happy!

Love the color!

stop with the kids only wootoff woot thats why you have kids woot seriously!?

No internal memory = great mp3 player! Thanks woot!

First Marvel, then woot…

If I buy a couple different things do I pay $5 in shipping for each?

It really is Disney night tonight isn’t it?

No internal memory…nice.

its like noone is buying things on the kids.woot so they have to sell their leftover wares on here cause they know some tool will buy it to move us on to the next item :smiley:

$5 per woot…1 2 or 3 items, $5 per woot item.

Bring your own memory!

Oh man sweet! Someone wanna buy several of these so we can move on

Lanyard included!!! I’LL TAKE 1,000!

Sorry, 0, I meant 0

All logic points to yes.

It holds so many songs!


i have to get up for finals in 4 hours and im staying up for singing cups and mp3 players …