Digital Blue Disney Mix Micro MP3

OH MY GOTT, the buttons look like Mickey Mouse!! In for 3!

Smart Post = Cosmic Delivery Lottery.

Does this come in pink?

Hopefully, this will be up here a while so you can answer my question - I’m looking at a Zune (I recently bought a Sansa clip from Woot, but it was much smaller than I wanted). I don’t want a Zune Pass - I don’t want to have to pay a monthly fee to use my music player - can I still get into the store and download songs on a per song charge or do I have to have the Zune Pass?

Why you’re in luck, because it does. You have just hit the lottery my friend!

You got that right!


What’s a Zune? Is it an accessory for an ipod?

I bought the Sansa Clip+, 20 days ago, got my refund because Smartpost sent it into the Vortex. Can I buy yours?

in for 2, cheap for the kids!

I love my zune, I have zune pass and love it, you get 10 free (to keep forever) songs per month plus your unlimited downloads for as long as you have the subscription. But to answer your question, you do not have to have a pass to use your zune, you can put your own music on, and you can still buy songs (and videos) from the zune store.

whoops, this was supposed to be on kids.woot

I got two - that’s the same ones I got. Sorry you didn’t get yours. I got one in burgundy and one in blue. Are you really interested?

wish i’d bought bruce springsteen set. i was checking the price on amazon… then wham, bin ban boom… like magic, it was gone.

I read the FAQ’s and understand how the Zune Pass works, but I just want to transfer the songs that were on my now defunct iRiver over to something else and maybe buy a new song now and then - I’m not a huge music junkie - don’t need to listen to everything out there. Can I buy things on a per song basis?

pink is the new blue

Yup, I really needed something small that plays flac. The Woot Customer Service was super fast and nice, but I wanted the item, not my money back.

Smart Post Delivery Guy

yes you can! I believe its a dollar per song? Same as itunes

I just sent you a private message - thanks!