Digital Blue PC Animation Station - 2 Pack


sweeet. an electronic passifier… glad I just had twins…


animation station…2 pack? i can’t do this with a one pack?


Can you imagine what Richard Gere would use these for?


dont have kids and the kids I know aren’t old enough to understand what this is…

for twofers! keep it something we want…


I…w…woot? What the hell are these? They look like something I’d get off the back of a cereal box and then instantly regret the second I bought them.


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Digital Blue PC Animation Station - 2 Pack
$9.99 + $5 shipping
condition: New
product(s): 2 Digital Blue PC Animation Station


Haha! I used to have one of these back when it was called the Intel Play Sound Morpher. Still have it and the software, but neither works. Except for the software. Whatever.

Anyway, it was like, ten bucks then or something like that. They worked fairly well. I’d reccommend it.


I’d rather have coal. At least it can cook meat and give it that smokey taste…


2 electronic pacifiers. When are they gonna have adopt-a-twins for tuesday? Gotta put these somewhere.



This is pretty bad…

this is just as bad as the usb locks and just as useless…

They look pretty funny too…


and why do we want these?


Thats hilarious.


Do these record/download to a standard file format?


So let me get this straight: You can record up to four minutes of audio into them, but then you play it back through the microphone input of your soundcard to essentially re-record it into the software? Like a poor-mans memo recorder? I assume you could technically use any third-party software… there appears to be no direct communication between the device and, well, your PC.

… Actually, I guess I did get it straight.



… and its not because its tuesday. Get them for your kid. Hide one. The orignal is GOING to break. When it does, you can magically fix it and become the hero of the day.

the end.

i may consider purchasing one to put into the microwave. Or i could take it inthe shower with me, along with that white westinghouse toaster that woot had previously offered.

or i could choose to just go to bed and forget the wholething…

choices, choices, choices


A rundown of the features, from the manufacturer’s page: (

  • Record sounds and voices at or away from your PC (holds 4 minutes of sound and voices away from PC)
  • Download your recordings to your PC to create your own sound library
  • Use sound effects and over 40 morphs to make your recordings sound like everything from an alien to an echo chamber
  • Type in phrases and have Cartoon Network™ characters say them.Dagger sign
  • Add, remove and mix words and sounds from one recording to another
  • Animate recordings with Cartoon Network™ characters
  • Share your recordings and animations through e-mail
  • Recommended for Ages 7 to Adult

A glorified P.O.S. (that doubles as a mic)


Ha ha… I can’t get over the “Not Coal” Picture… Priceless!
They would be great stocking stuffers though!


2 pack? Made me think of Tupac. Then he got shot in the groin and became 1 pac. Of course now he’s no pac.


If there’s a not coal stocking stuffer… does that mean that woot is going to have another spin off website that sells nothing but fossile fuels? I can see it now:

Coal! 50 lb sacks of coal!