Digital Blue PC Animation Station

Q, that’s all


Is this Vista 64-bit compatible?

This may be up there until Christmas.

I’d rather get a satsuma

Anyone in want/need of a pair of tickets to watch the Cubs in the first game of the NLDS on October 1st?

I got a pair from their lottery today and don’t have the money to make the flight down there and stay there.

i think its the same pointer that ghosts use to bring down their tactical nuclear warheads from the command center nuclear silo


meh, not my cup of tea.

man the harpoons!

Is this a Dyson?

it’s something to get kids as a gift .you know christmas or birthdays… are you that selfish?

Give me this baby pacifier!

But does it light up?

yay, stocking stuffer!

eh, even if its cheap, not going for this one

Had one when I was 10. Never could get it to work…but it did come with cool, “computer says what you type in Steven Hawking Voice” software

all I know is that everytime including today the items show up on first and that is how I buy em before they are gone

your mom has one

wtf is this thing.