Digital Camcorder Kit with 4GB SD Card & 6' HDMI to Mini HDMI Cable

Is the SD card a class 2?

This is exactly the kind of cord you’ll want if you plan on getting a Motorola Xoom, in for one!

Man, I just ordered one of these cables off of eBay a couple days ago. It was about the same price shipped, and didn’t come with the SD card.

I didn’t even know they made memory cards that small and slow.

4GB SD cards that aren’t SDHC are pretty uncommon. Is it a SD card, or an SDHC card?

I’d love if it was a SD card because it would work with Rock Band 2 for Wii.

They should have paired that cable with a micro-SD instead of a regular sized SD card… This would be good for my evo

That cord reminds me of the cord on my razer naga, and I love that rather then just the cheap black finish thats on most wires. Unless thats something else, can’t really tell from the picture.

I almost bought this, but then noticed it said mini hdmi. I has a sad

Hands up if you came here from Twitter thinking Woot had a crazy sale for a cheap cheap cheap camcorder + memory card + cable :slight_smile:

No mention of speed class on the SD card. Makes me hesitant…

OTH the cable could be useful for the HTC Evo.

As JackJD posted below, the Evo uses Micro HDMI so not sure if this Woot would work.

Amazom has a Micro HDMI -> HDMI for under $5

So, is this Mac^H^H^H Flip ultraHD compatible?

Why sooo many HDMIs, have already bought twice! I’ve seen them being sold every other day. This one is pretty proprietary, eh? Wondering how many people own camcorders with mini HDMIs.

Thats what is tempting me…

Wow what a great deal! If i needed this i would be in for at Least 1

I wonder if this cable is compatible with my EVO?

Hmmmmmm . . . Evo . . . what about a Droid X? Buehler? Buehler? Anyone?

It only has a maximum write speed, which really doesn’t mean anything at the end of the day. The minimum write speed is what really matters. You’ll rarely ever see that maximum speed, and certainly not when it matters, such as taking pictures.

In short, assume it’s the slowest POS SD Card and call it free with the cable.


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next to my HTC-EVO

I believe the HTC EVO uses a MICRO HDMI…

…Yet another quality post!