digital camera recommendations


OK, I know I’m asking for it here but…
I need to buy a new digital camera soon, like in the next month.
I need something small, easy to use, and moron-proof.
Cost not as much of an issue as the above criteria.
I’d like your input if I may have it.

And DM? Please do not set fire to me or anyone giving me advice.
I thank you for your support.


I have a Canon A520 and really like it. I wanted to get a Canon Elf but my wife put her foot down. I think smaller is better.


Keep in mind, some cameras use xD cards, like myFuji S3000,<—old review> which I love. It’s user friendly, but pretty big , which was okay for my purposes. I have a cheap one that’s tiny, for for everyday stuff, not trip photos and important stuff. I bought it before I got my laptop, printer and other devices and the memory slots aren’t compatible w/ out a card adapter. No big deal…just have to connect the camera w/ cable, but thought I’d remind you there are diff. kinds of storage cards.

I love the functions and have never read the instructions…never do for anything, though, just tinker till it works, but I find all the features…and there are lots, very easy to use…again memory card is the only drawback, for me.

photography blog (from K.T. below - looks like good place to do comparisons)


ace…you can’t even plug in a hard drive…how do you plan to use your digital camera?? [:p][;)]


Hey wippersnapper…I can use my digital camera…I can even input the pictures onto the computer…I can do the red eye thing and crop. Just can’t order pictures or email them.

I have a Canon powerShot S500 Digital elph. It takes nice pictures, they viewvinder is smaller than some of the new cameras, but it was near to the top of the line 2 years ago, it must have come down in price.

5.0mega pixels 3times zoom which I don’t find good enough for distance, but any with more zoom are big cameras. But you don’t need it for zooming from far distance!


Fuji FinePix F450…5.2 megapixel.




Looks pretty sweet…and much smaller, w/ better battery life…


Disclaimer: I’m not a photo bug, the following is just some things I’ve heard that you may find useful (or perhaps merely interesting or even worthy of disagreement…):

Kodak “Easyshare” cameras are supposed to be easy to use.
Canon has a pretty good reputation (both optics and ease of use), and the Elph (sp?) is pretty small.
Olympus combines name-brand and decent features with usually lower cost than Canon, but possibly a slightly lower build quality than Canon (your mileage may vary).

Optical zoom is pretty useful, digital zoom is pretty useless. However, a camera without an optical zoom may “start up” (be ready to take the first pic after turning on the camera) more quickly, since it may take less time for the initial deployment (if any) of the lens.

I think Olympus and Fuji are the main users of xD cards. Sony uses “Memory Sticks” (at least, they did the last time I read about Sony cameras). Most everyone else uses either CompactFlash or SD cards. The last time I used one of those photo kiosks at Target, it read all these formats, plus (I think) SmartMedia (obsolete) and PhotoCDs.

I don’t know what your need is, but just going by reputation and not going with the xD card format, I would say go with a Canon.


I love it. It is small and not plasticy!


If you buy a decent sized XD card, you don’t have to worry about it…


You might need to get an extra memory card when you get the camera, I think the one that came with mine only held a few pictures. It doesn’t take long to get use to taking lots and lots of pictures when you don’t have to get them developed.

The canon must be sturdy, I’ve been throwing it in my bag for almost three years now, the case is all beat up, but it always works.


BTW, for some reason I have bookmarked links to a couple of digicam review web sites:

Steve’s Digicams

Digital Camera Product Reviews

Digital Camera Resource Page

and there’s always the reviews on Epinions, Amazon, etc.

A guy on Epinions has a Buyer’s Guide, along with his recommendations.


Yeah, I “felt” a lot of them. My bil is a photog(old school) and likes to print up the family pics I take to BIG stuff, for framing, so I went w/ this one (2 yrs ago). It’s not as big as it looks in the pic, but yours looks bettah! I found the fujifinepix models to be very solid, not only in feel, but I’ve dropped mine several times, heh…always forget the neckstrap…and it’s still “fine”.

ETA-Ace, Mine is an old model camera; my point was just to make sure you knew about xD cards.


Mom, trust me…this one is good.


I tend to agree, based on what KT and photoblog say…and I like Fuji…hmmm, for me, maybe?

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great links!


Thanks…though I can’t say that I designed it. It is a gift from Proteus Crow while I wait for my crap to arrive.

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