Digital crap mobile game?


Just got an email on this. but is this crap as well??? found nothing on my app.


on my phone…I scrolled to bottom…there is an a option yo click onto digital crap

a game pops up


Reminded me of Donkey Kong meets Frogger. Those were cool in the late 80s early 90s.


So were we! Uh.


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Won star wars prints and Klipsch speakers but wasn’t put to the cart and had no options to choose. I’m sure it’s not just automatically sent to you, right? Truly disappointed.


You won the right to a sneak peak of a upcoming deal. I got the same thing.


Woot! sent this in an email yesterday.



I just played the game and won. I was able to buy a Bag-O-Crap. I didn’t expect that.


Finally won…Damn 31 day rule…30 days…grrrr. Beautiful disappointment served again…will be back for another delicious serving. Thank you Woot! Can I have some more? With a bag of grasp on top?