Digital Crap on the App


Rewards are a good thing, B0Cs are not. The text mentions a chance at a reward.


Also says some require skill and others are luck. Skill OR luck. This game would seem to be skill AND luck which isn’t listed as a potential option.
It says skill games have a required score to achieve which this game does, so it is a skill game…but also apparently random too? Didn’t say that in the rules.


What luck is involved in this game?


Even if you score high, you have to be lucky to win the crap.



You’re saying that the chance is also luck?

Wouldn’t that kinda be redundant?


I’m saying the first rules screen sorta contradicts the second rules screen. First screen says skill will get you a prize in skill games. Second screen says skill only gets you a chance at prize.



Both say that there’s a chance…


No, the first says there are skill games or chance games. This is a skill game.


Read rule 2 from my pic, and the 2nd and 3rd lines of your pic.

Unless you’re referring to the pic from @mrkevinrosales


I feel like you’re messing with me.
-Some are luck, some require skill
-skill games have a score you need to achieve
-you must score 120

BUT…this is apparently just a luck game, so why all the points about skill ?


What were your top scores?


My button to check for a reward doesn’t do anything today either. Usually works for me but not today.


Just a dumb shirt deal with an animal on it. Let me know if you need the link.


Won the shirt deal, STILL didn’t let me get it again :frowning:


Woot Shirt From Samsung S7 Link Didn’t Work :stuck_out_tongue:


I WON my first BOC yesterday. I swear I heard angels singing.


Congratulations! Condolences!


I got 40-something on the animal game I think. I’m slow.


I have gotten the correct amount of points on the animal game (I got 177) but the check prize button didn’t work. So I tried the flying monkey game today and same thing. I can play but the check prize button doesn’t do anything (iPhone 8 latest app update)


this GIF is life haha


If I only crapped once every 31 days, I can imagine it would be quite painful…