Digital Crap on the App


But think of the weight loss that day!


WooHoo! Another BOC!!!


If you eat those carrots in your residence, do you have Munch Housing Syndrome?


I’ve gotten some decent shirts from this no crap though and the one I won today was the old woot @ 20 bucks…spensive shirt for woot…boo for me :::;shrugs,:::: maybe next weekend!


Hi there. At $21, it must have been the hoodie.


Dunno I just went to the page and it started at 20.up to.a higher price…I’ve gotten that shirt before on the game , the “I miss old woot” and it’s always shown as starting at 20 (rounded up) on the game and I’ll screen shot it if it pops up again,. I love that you guys added the shirts to the game!


There are shirts as well. It’s random as to what you are shown.


If you fail and don’t get a chance to buy a BOC or whatever the shirt deal is, the app brings up the “I miss the old Woot” shirt at full price ($19). I think that’s what Kathleen is talking about.


Ooooooooooohhhhhhhhhhhh! Ty.


Thank you! Sorry I couldn’t explain it right…got foggy head…

Sorry for the mix up TT and thank you kindly! :purple_heart:


I do LOVE some of the shirts I got off the app game!


Any idea when Amazon is going to have an update? I would love a chance to play/ win.


No idea, sorry.


Don’t see it. Is it there randomly?


I won a BoC… I’m not sure how I feel about this. I tried so hard on the Feb BoC day, and got nothing. I randomly tried the game and TA DA there it was.


The game only appears on the weekends and probably only in the latest version of the official Woot app. Check your app store (Google Play or the Apple Appstore. Amazon’s Appstore doesn’t have the latest version as of yet) to see if you need to update the app.

To find it in the app, scroll most of the way down and it should be right above the Monkey Chat.


Oh I bombed out in February all around on bags…got some good tees though! Now keep getting old woot or never shipping at woot shirts…fingers crossed for next weekend! Congratulations on your bag!


Not necessarily. Most computers like windows or others you can get google play or the App Store on.


Maybe next week…bought the shirt


Wicked cool shirt today! Thanks woot! :kissing_heart: