Digital crap..

Got a notification to play digital crap games and when I go to comply… #WootFail. ;(

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Should have read the “rules”

It’s up now…I won but 31 day rule got me (scored one yesterday)

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Think I just won a BOC! WOW!


I got in before it as soon as I got the notification but the game wasn’t up. And then it just took me to the I lost shirt.

My app notified me right at midnight, but then it said there was no game today. :frowning:

I got a crap yesterday anyway

Boom baby, one Bonanza of Clonidine en route!


It worked and I got one! MerryHappyBlackCyberHolidayChristmas to me!!!

Happy dance, happy dance!


Hey all! Sorry about the angst. The app took a bit to get the digital crap game going. It’s good to go now though.

Takes a minute for the game to load. I WILL find those crystals though…

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I was in quick and just got the shirt after refreshing…never found the crystals only I lose shirt.

I’ve been working night and day on a research paper and I’m so ‘over’ reading right now… what did I miss? Something about crystals…

Same here. Thought about logging in with wife’s account when the digital app crap game one popped up, but we are not separate households like @Froodyfrog and @qazxswe

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So no Sunday t-shirt today?

I’ll sell you a shirt for 8. You have to pick it up though.

Mail it to me, and then I’ll pick it up off the ground.


unless you purchased one in the last 31 days

Edit: or you don’t score high enough if the game… or if we run out. Which we will


How? I voted. I played. What am I missing.

Shipping’s not the the problem. We’ve got steamers that could get it to America in mere weeks. The real problem is the time travel…

Play the Digital Crap game on the App. If you score high enough, you’ll be given an opportunity to buy a BOC until we run out. Which will be soonish.