Digital Crap

Played the digital crap game this morning. Got the 50+ needed and when I hit claim reward, the app crashed. I played again and the same thing happened. Now I don’t know if I won anything crappy and its 5:57 am and my day is ruined! (Not really, just being dramatic)

I can absolutely guarantee you didn’t win a damn thing.
There is literally an official thread called Digital Crap on the App

In cases of problems with the app, “They” have been recommending uninstalling the app.

Oh, and then reinstalling it.

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Hi there. Could you try uninstalling & reinstalling the app?

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Tried it. Twice. No luck. Same thing happened this morning on the monkey stink platform game thing

Thank you. One more thing to try is to clear the app data.

(the steps might differ based on the version of Android you have and the manufacturer customizations)

Open up your phone settings
Go to the applications list. This might be under Applications or Apps & Notifications > See all apps
Select Woot
Click Storage & Cache
Clear storage
Open the app

Can you try unplugging it, then plugging it back in?

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