Digital Innovations 5-Button Optical Mouse

Are these any good? I’m super tempted to buy one.

Still no purchases. At least it isn’t $99 like the battery.

A wired non-gaming mouse…they make those still?

Does anyone know the tracking resolution on this mouse?

What is confusing is are you seriously going to buy something?

Quote from front page:

is this ventilated for sweaty palms?


If anyones interested

In for 1. Need to replace rock known as new Gateway mouse. Woot Info Post
It’s beginning to look a lot like!

Digital Innovations 5-Button Optical Mouse [New] - $2.99 + $5 shipping shipping

1 * Digital Innovations PDOPT05 5-Button Optical Mouse

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That’s a pretty cruel writeup.

18 buttons is the new standard.

Darn I missed the garage door opener, something I actually needed.

sniped. Bought 1 for gaming on my laptop :slight_smile:

Good lord… you can get it on the net for $7.99. Woot, you’re damn near dead to me.

The cord coming out of it makes me think no.

this will go great with the netbook i just ordered… the best things come in small packages… right?!

No, thanks.
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Feel sorry if you don’t have all 5 fingers (If you count you thumb)!

If you click on the picture of the mouse, you will see that it has a USB cord attached. Also, in it says that it comes with the USB cord in the description.