Digital Lifestyles 26” LCD HDTV


Pass… BOC please



why cant they ever sell halfway decent tvs?

where’s that guy who wanted to buy me one for free last night??? XP

Still too high for me.

Wooot killlah

heres yer support if it breaks:

FAQ / Solutions

Q: I cannot turn on my Digital Lifestyles TV. Why?

A: Please try the following steps:

* Press the power button on the front panel of the TV.


Nice…wish I had the money to spare.

Please tell me they only have a few

In case anyone else was curious, there were 400 of those creepy Elvis things

I can’t

someone smack the moron who said bag of carp was next

no thanks

I thought I missed the B.O.C, someone will pay!

is the wedding party permanently fixed on the screen?

No - you just missed it!

Sorry, come back and play again sometime.

Is this 1080? specs don’t say (unless I didn’t look thorougly enough).

darn, im looking for a 32". or maybe a 36?